Be out of luck – expressions with LUCK


You are out of luck / I was out of luck – English vocabulary with luck

Some people seem to be “born lucky” everything always goes well for them, some others have “beginner luck“, others just seem to be “down on their luck” and there are even some who hope that with any luck things will be OK

Luck is a word that is used a lot in everyday English language.


Be out of luck …. means: not be lucky this time


  • Hello, this is John – I phoned twice this morning. Can I speak to Mr. Jones, please?
  • I am sorry! You are out of luck again, Mr Jones will be in a meeting all afternoon.


  • I went to the mountains to try do some skiing, but I was out of luck. There had been an incredible snowstorm and all the roads were blocked.


  • – Have you got the new book by Adam Smith, please?
  • – You are out of luck I’m afraid, I’ve just sold the last copy we had. We will get a new delivery on Friday.


With any luck

One for Luck

Take pot luck

By a stroke of luck

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