Difference between rise and raise


What’s the difference between raise and rise?

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Another pair of verbs in the English language that cause confusion.


Raise is a regular verb – raised is the past

Rise is an irregular verb – rose is the past and risen is the past participle


Raise – to lift, push or move upwards

    • The English gentleman raised his hat as a sign of respect for Mr. Crawley
    • In the high jump competition they raised the bar to 2.05 metres
    • After the old lady fell we helped to raise her to her feet


Rise – when a person or thing moves itself to higher position

    • In December the sun rises around 9.00am
    • The river rose to a dangerous level.
    • The price of coffee has risen by 15% in the last year
    • The bread I made yesterday didn’t rise!
    • I don’t think my salary is going to rise next year.


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