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English vocabulary with TAKE

The English language has a lot of vocabulary that can be used in different situations with a variety of meanings. When you look for a translation in your own language you must be very careful to look at the context of the word.

  • English language expressions using the verb TAKE

My daughter takes a long time to get ready for school in the morning, but she won’t take any advice from me about how to save time. But I don’t want to argue with her then my wife won’t need to take sides which will allow my daughter to take advantage of the situation.

My son, however, either takes me for granted or just doesn’t take any notice of what I say. He takes responsibility for his decisions but doesn’t take life too seriously.


Take + time

The verb take is used with a period of time to say how long is needed to complete an activity: 

  • – John takes 40 minutes to run 10 kilometres.
  • – It takes about two hours to fly from Madrid to London. 
  • – I took half an hour to write an e-mail to my brother yesterday.
  • – We need to leave at 10.00am it takes an hour and a half to drive to your mother’s. We don’t want to be late. 
  • – Fred  takes ages to make decisions, but when he does they are usually excellent.

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