Friday’s – thought of the day


Room for optimism

We saw that Life is not always a bed of roses . That expression warns us that not everything is easy but it leaves room for optimism with the image of the beautiful rose.

A cloud is not always a welcome sight if you live in a country where water is not a problem. Clouds are logically associated with the coming of rain which can spoil our plans at times.

So here’s another expression:

Every cloud has a silver lining

From something seen to be bad there is reason for optimism. A cloud brings rain which waters our crops and it fills the rivers and lakes so that we have water for drinking and washing.

Next time you have a bad day or you get a poor result in your exams it is important to think that every cloud has a silver lining. So your poor exam result will make you study better and next time you might get you best results ever! What is nicer than the sun after the rain!