Hard up, skint, penniless, broke – money problems


Expressions with money – broke, hard up

There has been a lot of talk about the worldwide economic crisis in recent months, for obvious reasons. 

The English language has a lot of expressions that are used to show that a person or family has problems with money


A lot of people have lost their jobs and can’t afford to pay for their house or flat. Others have problems making ends meet and often can’t buy all the food they need. These are not things to boast about so very often they are used in situations as an exaggeration. The people who are really “penniless” don’t broadcast it amongst their friends


Hard up – Parents that are hard up have trouble to feed and clothe their family.

Skint – Skint is used in a more informal setting. “I’m skint until the end of the month” It used by young people when they don’t have any money for a few days.

Penniless – means “without a penny”  John is unemployed and penniless.

Broke – ” Do you want to go to the cinema tonight?” “I’d love to, but I’m broke. I should be getting some money tomorrow, if you want we could go to the cinema tomorrow”

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