He’s 60 if he’s a day

He’s 60 if he’s a day

The expression

He is (time) if he’s a day

is used in the English language to say that you think a person is older than someone else thinks.

    • Stella: Jane Taylor tells me that she is going to retire at the end of the year.
    • Ralph: Really! She must be taking early retirement, she’s only about 50.
    • Stella: No way! She’s 60 if she’s a day! She went to the same school as my Dad and he retires next year.

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Other expressions with day:

 That\’ll be the day when he gets a proper job, I’m sure we’ll all celebrate. That car still works, but it has seen better days. I start my holidays in two days time. Day or date? I recognised you very easily, you do not look a day older . 35 years old? No way, she’s 40 if she’s a day. OK, we’re all tired. Let’s call it a day. Things are going very well, but it’s early days yet. If it works out well I’ll celebrate by taking a day off . I have to go to the physiotherapist every other day

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