Is this a good PLACE to eat?


The English Language has a lot of vocabulary that can be used in different situations with a variety of meanings. When you look for a translation in your own language you must be very careful to look at the context of the word.

The word PLACE can have a lot of different meanings.

If you go into café, a pub, a restaurant, somebody’s house or flat you can say:

Café: This is a nice place, why don’t we get a table by the window?

Restaurant:  I don’t like this place let’s go somewhere else.

Pub: I like this place, it’s really cosy. Let’s go and sit by the fire.

Flat: How long have you been in your new place?

In the street:

  • – Excuse me, could you tell me a nice place to have lunch?
  • – Of course. Just down the road on the left there is Chez Robert which is wonderful. Then in the next street on the corner there is a cheaper place, Pam’s Pantry, which does fantastic home cooking.