Run out – phrasal verbs with RUN


Phrasal verbs with RUN – run out

Run is a verb that is used in many situations, most dictionaries have 2 or 3 pages explaining its different uses.

I ran into John in the street, he told me that his brother was in hospital because he had been run over. When I got home there was water everywhere because the bath had run over and ruined all the ceiling of the living room below. I hope that repairing that won’t run up a big bill.

Run out

1. meaning: one has no more; stocks or supplies have finished.

  • I have to go to the shops because we have run out of sugar and I’m making a cake. (there is no more sugar left )
  • Mary didn’t answer all the questions in the exam because she ran out of time. (her allotted time finished)
  • OK children! I have run out of patience with you. Tidy your bedrooms now or you won’t have internet for two weeks! (my patience is finished)

2. meaning: make someone leave a town or other place.

  •  The townsfolk celebrated the day that the sheriff ran the Smith brothers out of town.

3. meaning: become void or expired

  • The insurance on my car runs out next month, I must remember to renew it.

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