Run over – phrasal verbs with RUN


Phrasal verbs with RUN

Run over


Run is a verb that is used in many situations in the English language, most dictionaries have 2 or 3 pages explaining its different uses!


I ran into John in the street, he told me that his brother was in hospital because he had been run over. When I got home there was water everywhere because the bath had run over and ruined all the ceiling of the living room below. I hope that repairing that won’t run up a big bill.


Run over (Poor Mrs. Smith was run over by a ten ton truck)

  • 1-Means: Knock down and pass over the top of a person or animal.

When I was driving down a small country road I suddenly saw a rabbit in the middle of the road. I braked very hard and nearly lost control of my car. I stopped but, sadly, I was too late. I had run over the rabbit and it was lying in immobile in the road under my car ……..

  • 2- Means – Overflow

The bath water ran over yesterday! When I was filling the bath for my son the phone rang and I forgot to turn the taps off!

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