with any luck – expressions with LUCK


With any Luck

Some people seem to be “born lucky” everything always goes well for them, some others have “beginner’s luck” and others just seem to be “down on their luck”.

Luck is a word that is used a lot in everyday English language.

Today’s phrase is:  with any luck

It is used in situations like:

  • Oh no! I’ve just gone into reserve, I don’t think I’m going to have enough petrol.
  • Don’t worry! With any luck we’ll see a Petrol Station soon.


  • I’ve just remembered that I left my house key in my other jacket, but with any luck my mother will be at home.

The expression is used to express the idea – if things work out well or if I’m lucky.

I don’t have my house key but maybe things will work out well and my mother will be at home when I get there.

An alternative is with a bit of luck

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