Have fun and practice your English with ilustrum

Practise questions and answers, have fun with ilustrum

Complete collection albums or make your own collections.

Remember I said that it’s important to have regular contact with a language to learn it well, well here’s another fun way to practise English.

Don’t you know what ILUSTRUM is? Well on the 11th May it held its 1st anniversary party.

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A simple description of playing ILUSTRUM would be to say that it is making virtual sticker collections. Many of us throughout our lives have filled albums with stickers about things that interest us: footballers, plants, animals, superheroes, pop music, etc. Sometimes the packets of stickers came “free” with a magazine or newspaper, other times we would buy them from the newsagents. I remember some that had bubble gum in the packet. My son is now doing a collection of footballers, each packet costs 1€. If we had repeats we would swap them with friends doing the same collection.

Ilustrum is that and much more!

There are many sorts of collections in different languages ( English, Spanish, Catalan and Finnish at the moment) covering such diverse subjects as Pokemon, Harry Potter, the History of Chemistry, Golf, the Beatles, Heavy Music, the King of Pop, Olympics, Video games, the Wonders of the World etc. If you can’t find a collection about your pet subject you could test others by making your own collection, now there are about 60 but every week people are creating new collections – for all tastes and ages.

Every day you connect you get a payment in points (salarium) which you use to buy questions. If you answer them correctly you win stickers to put in your album. Any repetitions can be swapped online with other users. As you complete collections your “salarium” increases as does your status. If you don’t have enough sestertius you can either buy some more online, or wait until your next  pay day (the next day).

It’s a great way of practising your English, you can chat with people on the Forums for each collection, and you can increase your knowledge by looking up the answers that you don’t know.

The gold stickers are the most difficult to find, but now if you are given, or buy, a JOKER you can finish the collections more easily.

If you click on the link below you will receive a JOKER free. Try it, it costs nothing to register.

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