A day off – expressions with “day”

Expressions with “day”

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A day off

A day off …… if we take a day off it means that we don’t go to work or don’t study etc that day.

It’s also possible to have an afternoon off:

  • I took the afternoon off so I could go to the children’s Sports Day

This means that I had permission to only work in the morning, I didn’t have to work in the afternoon.

 Neil and Rebecca’s children are on school holiday next week:

  • Rebecca: How about taking a day off next week?
  • Neil       : Yes, it would be great to be with the kids. I have meetings on Monday and Tuesday but I should be able to take Wednesday off. Is that OK with you?
  • Rebecca: Wednesday? Yes, perfect!

The expression is also possible with other time periods in the English language:

  • My son is taking a year off university to do volunteer work in India
  • Patricia is going to take a week off work so she can be with her father when he’s in hospital.

  Other expressions with day:

 Every other day I visit my grandmother. That will be the day when he gets a proper job, I’m sure we’ll all celebrate. That car still works, but it has seen better days. I start my holidays in two days time. Day or date? I recognised you very easily, you do not look a day older . 35 years old? No way, she’s 60 if she is a day . OK, we’re all tired. Let’s call it a day. Things are going very well, but it’s early days yet.


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