Choosing a language school

 Here are just 10 points to consider when choosing a language school for learning English


  1. Does the school look user friendlyExpand the article
  2. Do they make you feel welcome, or just another customer?
  3. Are the classes conducted in English?Expand the article
  4. If the teachers are native speakers, do they have experience teaching?
  5. If the teachers are not native, do you think that they can give a good model of English?
  6.  Are there very big class groups ? Expand the article
  7. Do all the students have the same first language?
  8. Does the school teach English or teach English examinations? Expand the article
  9. Look for a school that encourages you to dedicate time out of class doing things in English.
  10. You want a school that shows you how to learn English effectively and well.