Every other day

Every other day

 Another in the series of vocabulary with “day”

The expression “Every other day” in the English language means:


On alternative days, for example:

I go to the gymnasium every other day, (I go on Monday, Wednesday and Friday)


The doctor recommended Jane to take a vitamin supplement every other day for a fortnight*. She is going to take the pills in the morning with her breakfast on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

*a fortnight = two weeks

 It is also possible with other time expressions:

  •  I do shift work in the local factory, every other week I have to work until 10.00pm. The other week I work from 6.00am until 2.00pm
  • Jane has a dentist appointment every other Thursday because she is having special treatment on her gums

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Other expressions with day:

 That will be the day when he gets a proper job, I’m sure we’ll all celebrate. That car still works, but it has seen better days. I start my holidays in two days time. Day or date? I recognised you very easily, you don’t look a day older . 35 years old? No way, she’s 60 if she is a day . OK, we’re all tired. Let’s call it a day. Things are going very well, but it’s early days yet. If it works out well I’ll celebrate by taking a day off.

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