Expressions with PULL: your weight, your socks up,a fast one


 Idioms: Pull your weight, pull a fast one, pull your socks up

Look at the meaning of these English expressions with PULL

pull your weight

– do your share of the work, do your job

  • – All the group contribute and work hard except for Rafa who doesn’t pull his weight.

pull your socks up

– do better, improve

– Sue, I spoke to your teacher today. She says that if you don’t pull your socks up you won’t pass your exams in June.

pull a fast one

– trick as a joke or criminal act

  • – The woman asked me to change two 5 euro notes for a 10 euro note. Later I noticed the note was false, she had pulled a  fast one on me.

PULL means bring something in your direction, it’s usually the opposite of PUSH. There are more expressions or idioms with PULL here;

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