Let’s – for making suggestions

“Let’s” for suggestions.

There are many ways of making suggestions in the English language. But a nice and easy way of making suggestions is to use

Let’s + infinitive


  • John: What do you want to do tonight?

  • Mary: Let’s go to the cinema, there’s the new Sofia Coppola film

  • John: Yeh, great idea.


  • Tom: Do you want pasta for supper today?
  • Sue:  No, thanks I had pasta for lunch. Let’s get a pizza.


As I said this is quite easy to form:


  • Let’s + infinitive of verb
  • – Let’s go to the cinema
    – Let’s stop for a rest
  • – Let’s get some sleep
  • – Let’s study for another hour

Other ways of making suggestions are

Why don’t we …..? Why don’t we make a suggestion?

How about ……..?  How about …… for suggestions

We could ………


There isn’t one form that is better than another. Choose one and try and use it when you speak, write etc. Be careful to use the correct form of the verb.

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