Why are most “Gurus” rich?

The secret to the success of Gurus

Most of us have seen, read, listened to or watched:

How to ..*.. in 30 days

A simple guide to mastering ..*..

5 steps to ..*.. success

I became a ..*.. in 60 days

* in these spaces you can substitute:

become a millionaire; internet richness; start your own business; eliminate back pain etc etc

Most of these people have become very rich telling people what to do. But they KNOW that almost everyone who reads or listens to their advice will do NOTHING. They do not understand why most people can’t do what is necessary to become succesful at something – ingrained habits that need a very determined and persistent effort to eliminate and substitute with effective habits.

Succesful people, and gurus, have acquired these effective habits possibly without effort and they think that everyone can do it.

But they can’t. The people with ingrained ineffective habits don’t understand their problem so they look for a “magic formula” to be succesful in life.

The result:

Gurus become richer!