Basics of good English language learning

 How to REALLY learn English

Babies learn English …..

and any other language or languages they hear.

– Our brains are “pre-programmed” to be able to slowly make sense of all the strange sounds and language stimuli that they receive.

– Our brains then start to see the patterns of how their language or languages  are formed.

– It is normally only after thirty months or so that children begin to talk in any kind of understandable way.

– It can still take a few more years  before a child completely masters their language or languages.

It is absolutely essential to remember this basic reminder of how languages are learned. Knowing this and understanding it will help us all to make the right decisions when starting, or re-starting, to learn another language that is not our own mother tongue.

–          To be able to learn, understand and use a language it is necessary to have regular contact with the language.

–          It is also important to have a good language model, if possible.

–          Children do not spend one year learning the present then go on to the past

–          Remember the purpose of language is to allow communication with others.

So, why don’t you test yourself?

  • – How many hours contact do you have with the English language every day, every week, every year?
  • – What do you do?
  • – Is it enough?

Is English a HABIT in your life? It should be!!


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