some /any limited or unlimited

Use of some/any with “limited or unlimited” meaning


It is possible to use any in affirmative sentences with the sense of an unlimited quantity:

Anybody in the office will give you the information, if you ask. (Here it doesn’t matter who you ask, they all will be able to help you)

    –          Which pizza do you want?

                      –          I don’t mind, any one will be fine. (Here I don’t mind which of the many pizzas you give me. They all look good)

Some however, is used in a more limited sense:

                     –           Somebody in the office will help you, if you ask.  (Here it means that at least one person will be able to help you.)

                     –          Which of the salads are nice?

                     –          Some are very nice, but I don’t like the egg salad or the tuna salad. (I like some of them but not all of them)

–           Most of them are nice but I don’t like some of them.


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Remember: “any” is negative IF the verb form is negative, for example “I don’t have any brothers “

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