“Some” is possible in questions

 When can we use “SOME” in questions?

Generally we can say that:

     “Some” is used in affirmative sentences and

     “Any” is used in negative sentences and in questions


The word “some” is NOT affirmative and the word “any” is NOT negative.


Some is used with affirmative verb forms:

  John has some new shoes

The compounds of some  (somewhere,  someone,  something,  etc) function in exactly the same way.

     EXCEPTIONS to the basic rules:

  • Some is used in questions when we expect the answer to be “Yes”

  • If the function of a question is to offer or demand something, we can use some rather than any.

  • Would you like some coffee?

  • Could you give me some help with my homework, please?

  • Shall we practise some English?


Also remember:

Some  is often used in a more limited sense:

                     –           Somebody in the office will help you, if you ask.  (Here it means that at least one person will be able to help you.)

                     –          Which of the salads are nice?

                     –          Some are very nice, but I don’t like the egg salad or the tuna salad. (I like some of them but not all of them)

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