“used to + infinitive” for past habits

Used to + infinitive

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Used to is a form of English Grammar that we use to talk about an habitual action in the past that we don’t do now. The structure uses the past of the verb “to use”so questions and negatives are formed using “did”


  • 1-I used to live in London (now I don’t live in London)
  • 2-John used to play rugby every weekend (now he doesn’t play because he has serious knee problems)
  • 3-Mary didn’t use to speak French (but now she speaks French very well because she has lived in Toulouse for 5 years)
  • 4-Did you use to have a lot of homework when you went to Primary school?

The form of this construction is very simple

Affirmative: subject + used to+ verb in the infinitive … see example (1and 2) above

Negative: subject + didn’t +use to+ verb in the infinitive … see example (3) above

Question: did+ subject + use to + verb in the infinitive … see example (4) above

Compare with other uses of “use” in the English language:

use be used to and gerund correctly

Difference between use, used to, be used to

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