1st, 2nd, 3rd person plural

 First, second and third person plural as subjects of verbs

1st person plural “we”

This refers to “us”, me and at least 1 other person together:

Examples: We are teachers; My brother and I come from England;

Me and my basketball team play in the finals on Saturday;

Me and all my classmates  like reading;

Mike, Ken, Jimmy and I were in Mr Frost’s class in Redborne Secondary school in England.

2nd person plural (you)

This refers to “you” the people (2 or more) that I am talking to or writing to:

Examples: Do *you like apples?(*I’m talking to all my students);

*You are reading the latest book by JK Rowlings (*I’m talking to all the people in the reading workshop);

*You wrote a comment on my web (*I’m writing an e-mail to all the people who comment on my website)

3rd (third) person plural (they,  John and Mary, Fred’s children, the football team etc)

This refers to other people or things that are not “us” or “you”

Examples: David and Fernando live in London;

He and his brother work in a bank;

Maria and her softball team are all studying English;

They like Italian food.

My mother and her best friend are retired teachers;

Those dogs can run very fast;

The big, brown tables look good next to the windows.


*** NOTE that the third person PLURAL verbs do NOT finish with s, es, or ies in the present tense. (only 3rd person singular)

1st, 2nd, 3rd person singular
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