Beginner’s luck – vocabulary with LUCK


Beginner’s luck – English vocabulary expressions with luck

Some people seem to be “born lucky” everything always goes well for them, some others have “beginner’s luck”, others just seem to be “down on their luck” and there are even some who hope that with any luck things will be OK

Luck is a word that is used a lot in everyday English language.

Beginner’s luck – a novice doing better than more experienced people.

  • Silvia won her first professional 800m race. “I think I surprised the other runners with my tactics, it was beginner’s luck. The next race will be more difficult.
  • John got more new sales last month than the others in the sales team. “It was probably beginner’s luck. We’ll see what happens in the next months”.
  • Some people say that the success of Rosemary Dillon’s book was beginner’s luck, she made the most of the novelty value of her style. But the sales continue to rise, it will be interesting to see if she can produce a second novel of the same quality …… maybe she will be a “one hit wonder”

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