Don’t look a day older

Expressions with day

You don’t look a day older

 This expression in the English language is used to say someone seems to be younger than they really are:


  • John   : Hello! You’re Freddy Smith, aren’t you?
  • Freddy: Yes, that’s right. But I’m sorry, I don’t recognise you.
  • John   :  I’m John Roberts. We went to school together.
  • Freddy: Of course, now I remember you. But how did you recognise me after so many years?
  • John   : You don’t look a day older than when we were at school.
  • Freddy: Thanks for the complement! I saw Gloria Westford the other day and she doesn’t look a day older either.


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Other expressions with day:

That will be the day when he gets a proper job, I’m sure we’ll all celebrate. That car still works, but it has seen better days. I start my holidays in two days time. Day or date? I recognised you very easily, you don’t look a day older. 35 years old? No way, she’s 60 if she is a day. OK, we’re all tired. Let’s call it a day. Things are going very well, but it’s early days yet. If it works out well I’ll celebrate by taking a day off. I don’t go to school every day, I go every other day .

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  1. Jon Sumner says:

    I was trying to find a way of explaining this to one of my co-teachers when I told him “You’re 63? You don’t look a day over 62!”. I guess I will print this page and give it to him!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment Jon. Have you seen my clarification of the present position of London Bridge on your blog?

      • Jon Sumner says:

        Hi Ian, thanks, I saw your comment. I’ve approved it so it’s up there now. Think there’s a “new” London Bridge in London as the other one went to the States as you said!

        You have a lot of decent content on your site. It must have been a lot of work.



        • admin says:

          Thanks to you, too Jon.
          I’m trying to see how all this SEO and Google stuff works by posting lots of things in preparation for “bigger” things.

          • Jon Sumner says:

            Hi Ian, if you are interested in SEO stuff and haven’t checked it out already, I recommend The Keyword Academy. I use them for all my SEO teaching needs. Other than that I think what you are doing already is ideal, i.e. producing loads of useful content for searchers. Your grammar section is already pretty exhaustive, at least up to intermediate level. Have you tried anything like guest posting on other sites, or blog carnivals?

          • admin says:

            Thanks for you reply Jon. I’ll check out Keyword Academy. Basically I’m putting up as much material as time permits, with lots of internal links. Then I’m looking for Forums where I can make comments and answer queries, if they let me put a relevant link back to my site I do, but I try not to get obsessed by it. When I get obvious spam type comments that have escaped my filters, I erase their link but leave the comment, Google like sites that receive comments 😉 I’ve had more visits in the last month than in all the previous year. What’s a blog carnival?
            Where are you based Jon?

  2. Jon Sumner says:

    Good idea about the comments, I tend to just delete any which aren’t from real people!

    A blog carnival is where you make a page linking to a number of sites in your niche, then write to them and let them know, without asking for a link back. This gets you on their radar and as time goes by they are more likely to link back to you. Apparently they are very successful, I will try them in the near future I think.

    I’m currently back in the U.K. after three very good years teaching in South Korea. I’m hoping to go back there in the near future as it was a fantastic life. How about you Ian?