Get used to compared with be used to

Get used to + gerund

This part of the English language is used to talk about the process of change, the period of adaptation to a new situation.

Example situation:

  • In 2010 I was used to taking sugar in my tea and coffee.
  • My doctor told me I should reduce the sugar I consumed.
  • At first I wasn’t used to tea and coffee without sugar but slowly I got used to not putting sugar in my drinks. Now I am used to tea and coffee with no sugar

 but slowly I got used to not putting sugar in my drinks  ……. This explains that there was a process of adaptation from taking sugar in my drinks to not taking sugar.

  •  Anne decided to get up early and do exercise before breakfast. At first it was difficult but she soon got used to it.

When you are accustomed to doing something you say that you are used to doing something .When it was an habitual action in the past that is no longer true now I used to live in London but now I live in Paris To see the difference between forms of USE

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