Is grammar important? Yes, but …… it is not everything

It is not impossible to communicate in English without studying English grammar.

Millions of native English speakers are testament to this fact. If you are not a native English speaker and do not have regular contact with good English speakers it is difficult to get a good model for communication using English. In this case it is extremely important to get as much contact as possible with the English language through internet, TV, radio, podcasts, books, newspapers, magazines etc.

In addition to this daily contact with “real English” if we want to speak English well , understand English well, write English well it is necessary to find out how to understand English grammar. How we use English verb forms (tenses) is essential to developing good communication in English. Effective use of the English language is the key to good communication.

We are preparing a series of master classes about how we use English grammar correctly. I am not going to talk about how we construct the verb form but I want to give the basic concepts of how these grammatical forms are used by native English speakers

Sometimes people try and complicate English grammar. English grammar has evolved over many hundreds of years to become a simplified version of what went before. The basic rules of verb forms (tenses) are very simple, they are perhaps different from your own language but they are not difficult.

After learning and using correctly the basic verb forms then English becomes more complicated because it is difficult to find rules to follow. It is at this stage that it is essential to have regular, daily, contact with the language.

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