One for luck – expressions with LUCK



How to use the expression One For Luck in the English Language


Some people seem to be “born lucky” everything always goes well for them, some others have “beginner’s luck”, others just seem to be “down on their luck” and there are even some who hope that with any luck things will be OK


Luck is a word that is used a lot in everyday English language.


Today’s phrase is: one for luck

 Meaning:an extra one for good fortune. You add one more of something because you hope it will bring you extra luck (fortune)

  • Jump 5 times, and one for luck.
  • I’m going to swim 20 lengths of the swimming pool and one for luck.
  • It’s my son’s birthday he is nine, we’re going to give him the bumps (hold his arms and legs and throw him in the air) 9 times and one for luck.





This expression is used in these

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  1. Jon Sumner says:

    Another one is when you do “three cheers”.

    In other words:

    “Three cheers for Mr.Jones!”
    “And one for luck!”

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