Parts of the body expressions – EYE


Expressions with EYE

Vocabulary from the body are often used in common every day expressions in the English language.

Words found in English expressions include:

  • Eye – turn a blind eye
  • Feet – get cold feet
  • Finger – fingers crossed
  • Hand – give free hand
  • Head – lose your head

Here we are going to look at expressions with EYE

Eye can be used as a verb:

  • The local boys eyed the foreign visitors suspiciously, but when they started talking everything was fine

Then there are some common idiomatic expressions with EYE:

If you want to ignore something you turn a blind eye to it:

  • In the children’s first basketball game the referee turned a blind eye to some of the infringements of the rules.

If you agree with someone you see eye to eye with them:

  • The meeting was very easy because both Mr. Smith and Mr.Johansen saw eye to eye on most of the changes that they wanted to introduce.

If you are surprised by something you often raise your eyebrows:

  • When Jenny told Linda that she had met the most wonderful man on holiday, Linda couldn’t avoid raising her eyebrows because Jenny always met fantastic men on holiday!

If you check something you can cast your eye over it:

  • When John finished writing his report he asked Camilla to cast her eye over it to give her opinion.