Run off – phrasal verbs with RUN


Phrasal verbs – Run off


Run is a verb that is used in many situations, most dictionaries have 2 or 3 pages explaining its different uses.


I saw John in the street, he told me that his brother was in hospital because he had been run over . When I got home there was water everywhere because the bath had run over and ruined all the ceiling of the living room below. I hope that repairing that won’t run up a big bill.

Run off can be used with the following meanings:

1. Escape from:

  • The man heard some boys break a window, when he went outside they ran off before he could talk to them.
  • If someone tried to hit me I would run off very quickly

2. Duplicate, make copies:

  • The teacher ran off enough copies for all the students.
  • The boxes are very easy to make, we will soon run off 50.

3. Make someone leave an area:

  • The farmer runs the summer campers off his land every summer.

4. Run of my feet – have a lot of work.

  • Mary has got to send out a big order by tomorrow, now she is run of her feet putting all the material in boxes.
  • John is ill today so we are all run off our feet trying to do his work as well as our own.

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