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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have been reviewing your website and have come across your TEFL “write for us” page. I found this immensely interesting, and would like to discuss this further with you.

    A Little About Me:
    I have worked in the TEFL industry since 2009, and have been involved in both placing teachers, teaching TEFL courses, teaching TEFL itself, and travelling to different parts of the world to analyse TEFL teaching environments. I have extensive knowledge of teaching English in the Far East, and also know a thing or two about Europe (in particular Turkey and Italy). I am currently 28 years old, live in London and have recently started up Teach TEFL First (please see link attached).

    Blogging for Learning English Language Well
    Having done the above, I am well educated to comment on the TEFL industry as a whole. I can see that you have one or two blogs currently available to comment on. If you would permit, I would be happy to write a monthly blog commenting on these blogs, or even the current state of the TEFL world as a whole – please see below for a more extensive review.

    About Teach TEFL First
    The mission statement behind my company is clear: revolutionise the TEFL industry. We believe in quality advice and a transparent and clean industry. This can only come from interaction with the TEFL community – hence, here I am!

    To this aim, I would like to offer thoughts on my personal experiences, and advice to others who are embarking on their own unique adventure.

    I look forward to hearing back from you!

    Many thanks!

    Geoffrey P. Thomas