English expression – a fishy story

Here’s another English Expression related to fish – sounds fishy


Another expression related to fish is:

“Fishy”: something smells fishy, a fishy deal or sounds fishy means:

If someone explains something that sounds fishy it makes you think that the story is suspicious or that they are being dishonest.

Customer (1) in a small shop: I came here last Saturday and bought some potatoes and fruit and I paid with a 50 euro banknote. This morning I realised that you only gave me change for 20 euros. You must remember me, can you give me the other 30 euros, please?

Shop keeper: Yes, I remember you. You bought some plums, mandarins and apples.

Cutomer(1): Yes, that’s right.

Shop keeper: (thinking: this sounds fishy) Just a moment I’ll get the cash desk balance to see if we had 30 euros extra.

Customer (1) : Oh, I just remembered! I changed the 50 euro note when I bought cigarettes before I came here. Sorry, bye!

Customer (2): That man is famous for doing that trick in all the small shops in town.

Shop keeper: It seemed a bit fishy to me when he said he came last Saturday, why didn’t he come before?


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