How to learn English vocabulary effectively

Increase your English vocabulary effectively

I believe that there are three types of vocabulary:

  1. Active vocabulary – words and expressions that you can use in writing and speaking
  2. Passive vocabulary – words and expressions that you can understand but can’t use.
  3. Lost  vocabulary – words or expressions that you have read or heard but you haven’t looked at again

Most of our own native language is learnt by hearing and seeing it in context on a regular basis. So when we see or hear new vocabulary in a new language we have to decide what to do with it.

What is clear, and obvious I hope, is that we need some system and habit of vocabulary learning.

I believe that we need to see or hear a word or expression at least 5 times (in context) before it becomes part of our vocabulary.

Ways of organising our vocabulary:

Always carry a small notebook, or use a notepad app on your phone, to write down the word in context.

On a daily basis put all your vocabulary into ONE place

lists (Excel or similar)

repeated reading

vocabulary in context

vocabulary families

active and passive vocabulary


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