The Luck of the draw – expressions with LUCK

The Luck of the draw

Some people seem to be “born lucky” everything always goes well for them,

some others have “beginner’s luck” thing go well from the start,

others just seem to be “down on their luck”, they are going through  a bad period,

and there are even some who hope that with any luck things will be OK

Luck is a word that is used a lot in everyday English language.

Today’s phrase is: the luck of the draw

It is used in situations like:

  • I’ve been studying the winning lottery numbers for the last few weeks and I think I know which number is going to win.
  • That would be incredible! But it’s not so easy. Its just the luck of the draw.


  • I love playing Scrabble, but all my tiles are vowels. I can’t make a word.
  • It’s the luck of the draw! I’ve got a seven-letter word for a triple letter score!

The expression is used to express the idea – things are decided by chance. The lottery numbers and the scrabble letters are taken randomly. Sometimes the result is favourable and sometimes it isn’t, but we cannot control the outcome.

NOTE: draw in the expression “luck of the draw” it means “take randomly”. If I show you a pack of cards and I want you to select a card, I would say either:

  • draw a card, any card  or
  • take a card, any card

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