Expressions: pull finger out, pull leg, pull a face and pull wool over eyes


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pull your finger out

- make an extra effort, go faster

  • - If you want to finish the project by Friday you’ll need to pull your finger out

pull my leg

- joking with, fool, kid

  • - You’ve won the lottery? Come on, you must be pulling my leg I don’t believe you

pull a face

- wrinkle your face, react with a sad/bad face

  • - I don’t want you to pull that face Mark, you have to eat your vegetables

pull the wool over my eyes

- trick someone, hide the truth

  • - He was in serious financial problems but he pulled the wool over my eyes, so I knew nothing.
  • - Have you given me all the information or are you trying to pull the wool over my eyes?

PULL means bring something in your direction, it’s usually the opposite of PUSH. There are more expressions or idioms with PULL here;