Phrasal verbs with PULL:pull up, pull ahead, pull down, pull together, pull back


Idioms: pull down, pull back, pull away, pull ahead, pull together

Pull down

– to break in pieces and destroy (building)

  • – They pulled down the abandoned factories to build a new hospital

Pull back

– to leave an advanced position to go back (army)

  • – in the chess game Smith pulled his Queen back to defend his King
  • – the army will have to pull back because they are too exposed to the enemy’s tanks

pull away

1 free oneself, escape

  • – the man was able to pull away from the attacker who was holding him

2 start to move off

  • – I got onto the train just as it was pulling away from the station


pull ahead

– get in front by moving faster

  • – on the highway the Ferrari easily pulled ahead of the Opel Astra
  • – on the penultimate length Michael Phelps pulled ahead of the other swimmers

pull together

1 work to achieve a common effort

  • – all the students pulled together to raise money for a boy who needed an operation

2 control your feelings

  • – don’t get so excited! Pull yourself together or we’ll have an accident
  • – stop acting like a baby! Pull yourself together!

3 cause improvement through proper organization

  • – the business coach succeeded in pulling the department together to work as a team