THINK and particle – phrasal verbs (1)

English phrasal verbs with THINK


to think combined with particles

Think of –

1- Find a fact or a thing that exists by thinking:

  • Can you think of any explanation why the flowers have died?
  • I can’t think of a better way of getting fit

2- Consider the possibility of doing something:

  • I’m thinking of buying a house on the coast
  • John’s thinking of opening an office in London

Think up –

Invent (especially an idea).

  • The prisoners tried to think up a plan for escape.
  • I don’t want to go to my cousin’s wedding but I can’t think up a good excuse.
  • Johnny! You’ll have to think up a very good reason why you haven’t done your homework again.

think out or think through (esp Am E)

Consider (something) in detail, with care, reach a decision after much careful thought:

  • His business didn’t work. He obviously hadn’t thought out his marketing strategy beforehand.
  • Cristina is really thinking through all her career possibilities before choosing a university.

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