THINK and particle – phrasal verb(2)

Think over, think ahead, think back – phrasal verbs

Think with particles

think over

– consider (something) seriously before deciding.

  • Your offer is very attractive but I need to think it over before I can let you know my decision.
  • My mother doesn’t know if she can travel so far, she needs to talk to her doctor and then think it over

think ahead

– make plans or arrange things for the future

  • We were very happy with our results in these games, but now we are  already thinking ahead to the next Olympics.
  • Let’s take things day by day and not think ahead so much.

think back

– remember a time in the past

  • When I think back to when I first saw this house I never imagined that one day I’d be living here.
  • Teacher: I want you all to think back to your first day at secondary school. What things can you recall?

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