What others think isn’t important

Others opinion of you is none of your business!

If other people criticise what you do and you are sure why you are doing it

- don’t take it to heart

- it’s not your problem

Example: with your English learning


  • read some English every day (on the train, at coffee break, between classes etc)
  • listen to podcasts in English (on the bus, on your bike, when your shopping etc)
  • chat with people on Facebook, Twitter etc in English everyday
  • keep a diary in English

If your colleagues, class mates, or whoever:

say “Why are you always doing English, you’re boring” etc


That is NOT your problem, it is theirs!

Not only will your English get much better but you will also

  • - learn more about the world
  • - hear other opinions about things that happen in our world
  • - stimulate your brain by adding another language to your life

Be Careful! Language Learning is a Stimulant!!

Is English a HABIT in your life?