How can Amazon help you learn English?

Kindle books and your Kindle friendly PC or Mac

3 important ways to improve your English language learning at home.


Reading books-it’s the only way to see real, correct English in context.

Listening to CDs- or podcasts, MP3 etc allow you to listen to English conversations and articles wherever you are

Watching films- get films in English, watch them with or without English subtitles. Advisable to watch small sections of 20 minutes or so 3 or 4 times.


One of the best places to find all of these things is at home, in Amazon. Most things can be sent to you in a very few days  or you can download them immediately.

The number of book titles available for downloading for Kindle is immense (more than 800,000) and has a number of tremendous advantages over printed books:

cheaper – a current best-seller could be about 23% cheaper. Other books are much cheaper

faster delivery – a downloaded book arrives in your Kindle device within seconds of payment confirmation

easier to store – you don’t need to have your rooms and shelves cluttered with books

environmental friendly – save trees and help our world’s forests by not buying books on paper

layout of book and print size adjustable – you can make adjustments to the presentation on-screen to help you view more comfortably

easily transportable  – instead of carrying large, cumbersome heavy books all you need is your kindle device.

I don’t have, or I don’t want a Kindle

No problem, now it’s very easy to download a FREE application for your PC or Mac so that you can download and read Kindle books, you can see how to do it here>>  Kindle Applications … but if you’re interested in one this is the place to look:

Read regularly to improve your English with Kindle

Reading to improve your English language

If you really want to improve your English language learning it is essential to have regular contact with a correct model of the language.

  • Watching films, TV series are excellent and highly recommended.
  • Chatting online with native speakers is also worthwhile.
  • Doing grammar exercises from a book or online are also good.

But do NOT forget the importance of reading

Reading helps you to see good models of grammatically correct language*

A regular  habit  of reading books, magazine articles in paper form, or on Kindle and such devices, will help you to unconsciously improve your grammatical structures and spelling.

It is good to read a book, article etc more than once. You will find that after the second and third time of reading your understanding will be better. We learn from habit and repetition.

Amazon is the best, most reliable way to find reading and listening material online.

You can order safely online and in a very short time you will receive your order at home.

To choose suitable material you can use the same method as mentioned below, because Amazon allows you to preview the books.

If you want e-books for KINDLE you will find many promotions at zero cost and thousand of very good small books for less than 5$ When you order them you get them in your computer in a matter of seconds.

You don’t need to have a KINDLE to read them ( see here for more information )

Don’t become obsessed with checking vocabulary in a dictionary. I recommend that you mark the word or phrase and then go back to it later. **

* not all English on the internet is correct English. Be careful with blogs that are written by non-native speakers. Keep to the most popular ones which are usually well-written.

** recommendations for learning vocabulary well will be the subject of another post

Choosing reading material

I strongly recommend that you look at one or two pages of a book or magazine etc before you start reading it.

If you are in a bookshop or newsagents:

  •  look for a book that looks like it could be interesting
  •  open it to any page
  •  read about 5-10 lines
  •  can you understand everything? maybe it’s too simple
  •  are there more than 10 words or phrases that you don’t understand? possibly it’s too difficult
  •  repeat the exercise on another page.

If you are online

Probably you are in Amazon, where you can find “real” books and e-books for KINDLE (if you don’t have Kindle or aren’t sure that you want one, see this article ).

Click on the “Look inside” for a book that looks interesting to see if the book is suitable for you.




Is English a habit in your life?

Make English language learning  a regular habit in your life

Your brain works well with regular habits and with challenges

Your brain needs stimulation – language learning is a fantastic challenge to your brain

Make English a habit by regularly doing

  • reading
  • listening
  • speaking and writing


Your brain is the best tool for learning a new language

But you brain needs to be convinced that you really want to learn English (or any other language)

The ONLY way that you can effectively improve your language learning is by:

  • creating a habit of daily contact with the English language

It is essential that your language learning is regular and long lasting. That is only possible if it becomes a “habit”


It can only become a habit when you have done it every day for a minimum of 30 days, 60 is better.


I don’t have enough time!

- Decide what is more important – remember that if you don’t do it, you won’t speak better English

Remember that you learnt your own native language by regular hearing and listening when you were a baby


Why 30 days?

You have to convince your brain that you really want to change what you normally do.


Put an English language habit in your life >>


Grammar questions – request spot

What area of English grammar, English vocabulary, expressions do you have problems with?


Write in with your questions to improve your English language.

What’s the difference between through, across and along ? or between city, town, village or hamlet

What verbs are not usually used in the continuous form? non-continuous or progressive verbs

What is a subject question?

Why are subject questions different than object question? object or subject questions exercises

I will respond as quickly as possible. We at Learn English Language Well have over 25 years of experience teaching English to people of all ages, 3 months to 85 years old.

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