Expressions with body vocabulary – FINGER


Body vocabulary – expressions with Finger


Vocabulary from the body are often used in common every day expressions in the English language.

Words found in English expressions include:

  • Eye – turn a blind eye
  • Feet – get cold feet
  • Finger – fingers crossed
  • Hand – give free hand
  • Head – lose your head


Here we are going to look at expressions with FINGER 

If you accuse someone of doing something wrong you point the finger at someone.

  • One of the clearest literal examples of this is when the police have an identity parade. Here the witness* to a crime looks at a row of 4 or 5 similar looking people, if the witness can identify the person who committed the crime they have to point their finger at that person

Not all examples are so literal:


  • John didn’t like his colleague Mike taking the blame for the grave miscalculation in pricing. He told the Sales Director that it wasn’t Mike’s fault and, without mentioning names, pointed his finger at Mike’s boss.

 When you are not successful with a financial deal you get your fingers burnt:

  • George invested in a new company, which made special doors for apartment blocks. Unfortunately most the orders were cancelled due to the collapse of the housing market and George got his fingers burnt for 100,000 dollars.


If you hope for good news you often keep your fingers crossed:


  • -          I went for an interview for a great job yesterday. They said they would phone me on Friday to tell me if they want me.
  • -          That’s fantastic I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.


If you can’t identify something properly you can’t put your finger on it:

  • - When I first met Arthur Smith there was something about him that I didn’t like, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.
  • - Well, now you know. He’s in prison for extortion!


  • I think the young people put their finger on it when they said that the government seemed more interested in having more power than serving the people.