How about …..? for suggestions

“How about ……. ? for suggestions.


There are different ways we can make suggestions in the English language.

“How about …?”  is one of these.

Its form is:

How about + gerund form of the verb

It is a question but does not require an answer.



  • Stan : How about going to the cinema?
  • Lydia: Not today, I’m too tired. Why not tomorrow?
  • Stan : Fine.


Alica and Tanya are walking in the mountains. After two hours:

  • Alice  : How about having a rest? I’m quite tired.
  • Tanya: Yeh, I’m tired too. Let’s sit on those rocks over there.


Neil and Rebecca’s children are on school holiday next week.

  • Rebecca: How about taking a day off next week?
  • Neil       : Yes, it would be great to be with the kids. I have meetings on Monday and Tuesday but I should be able to take Wednesday off. Is that OK with you?
  • Rebecca: Wednesday? Yes, perfect!  

Other ways of making suggestions are

Let\’s …… for suggestions

Why don’t we ……..? why don\’t we make a suggestion?

We could ………

There isn’t one form that is better than another. Choose one and try and use it when you speak, write etc. Be careful to use the correct form of the verb.




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