Stay – Correct use of the verb “stay”


Use “STAY” correctly in English language

Sometimes English language learners have problems in using the verb “To Stay” in the correct situations. This is often due to interference from their own native language.

Stay can be used in the following situations:

Stay in the sense of “not move”

  • Johnny, I’m just going into this shop to buy a newspaper. Stay her near the door until I come out.
  • OK, mummy.
  • Lucky! Here boy! …… (His dog returns to his side) Good dog! Sit! Stay! (don’t move)

Stay in the sense of not leave, remain in a place.

  • Mr. Smith: Gerard and Sandra I have to talk to you about your homework project. Can you stay for 5 minutes at the end of the class?
  • Gerard: I’m sorry Mr.Smith, but we can’t stay because we have a Maths exam. If you want we could stay after school.
  • Mr. Smith: OK. That’s fine. Let’s meet at 4.15 in my classroom ….
  • Yesterday we went to John’s birthday party. It was very good. We stayed until three in the early morning.
  • We didn’t go skiing last weekend. John was ill, so we stayed at home
  • I heard that Leo Messi is going to play for Manchester United next year.
  • No! that’s not true. He’s staying in Barça.

Stay in the sense of sleep somewhere

When I go to England I usually stay at my mother’s house ( I sleep there)

It’s very late, I think you’ve missed the last train. We have a spare bedroom, why don’t you stay here? (sleep at our house)

I don’t like staying in hotels when I’m on holiday, I prefer to rent an apartment. Then I can stay in bed all morning and have breakfast when I want to.


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