Hope, faith or action? Approaches to learning English

Another proverb adapted to show you how to really learn English


HOPE is the desire that something happens,

FAITH is the belief that it will happen,

ACTION* will ensure that it happens.

(* the original saying uses the word Courage here. Action is much more adequate when referring to language learning)

Applied to English learning

HOPE – “I want to speak English”; “I’d like to be better at English”; “I need English for my job”

FAITH – “I’m sure I can learn English”; “A lot of people can speak English, so it can’t be too difficult”

With just faith and hope you will NOT learn or improve your English – what you need is:

ACTION – I am doing a minimum of an hour of English everyday, I am using the Rule of 5 to effectively improve my English :

  • I read 5 pages of English every day
  • I listen to 5 English songs every day
  • I write 5 paragraphs, e-mails or forum contributions everyday
  • etc etc

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  1. Crissie says:

    That’s a great way to get on with your projects. Thanks.