“The Rule of 5″ for improving your English

I love the “Rule of 5″ for making effective change

No top musician, footballer, golfer, athlete, swimmer etc has got to the top and stayed there without daily dedication.This is of course very obvious if we think about it realistically.

The same can be said about language learning. If you say:

“I’d really love to speak English well

“I’d love to understand English films and TV series” or similar, then you have to ask yourself:

How much contact do I have every week with the English language? If your answer is less than 5 hours a week this probably means that you are NOT going to learn English very quickly. Be realistic!

How do you learn English well and effectively? If you want to learn English effectively you need to put in the hours.

Try using the Rule of Five://

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- Read 5 pages of English every day

- Use 5 new English words everyday from your vocabulary lists

- Listen to 5 English songs every day.

- Speak English with at least 5 people every day, in the street, on the phone, on Messenger or Facebook.

- or speak English to yourself in the mirror if it’s impossible to find a willing partner.

- Listen (or hear) small sections (10 -20 minutes) of dialogues 5 times a day


To speak English well

to understand English well

to write English well

to learn English well

You have to remember to do some English every day, if you want to run a marathon you need to train regularly, to learn English or any language it is the same. Children do hours and hours every day to learn their mother tongue, you have to do the same