Think twice, think aloud, think tank| expressions with Think 1

Expressions: think twice, think tank, think aloud

think tank

– committee of people experienced in a particular subject, established to develop ideas and give advice related to the subject in hand.

  • The government created a Think Tank to propose ways of effectively incorporating new technologies into education at all levels.
  • Ken Robinson is the head of the think tank which looks at the way the arts can be made more accessible to young people

think aloud

– speak your thoughts as they come into your head

  • So, is that your opinion?  … No, no I was just thinking aloud. I was trying to clear up my ideas. What do you think?
  • OK students, I want you to use think aloud strategy to brainstorm this problem.

think twice

– think very carefully about something. Don’t just accept the first thing that comes into your head

  • Messi didn’t think twice about signing a new contract with Barcelona. “This club has done so much for me and my family, I don’t want to leave”
  • You should think twice before buying your child a dog as a Christmas present.
  • The number of attacks on tourists has made people think twice before deciding their holiday destination.

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