Meaning of SHAKE, hands, head, off, shake-up

SHAKE: shake hands, shake your head, shake off, shaken, shake-up

shake (v)

move quickly up and down and/or to and fro

  • – When the earthquake started all the houses began to shake
  • – The dog jumped out of the water and shook himself to get dry

Shake hands

briefly take another person’s right hand with yours to greet, agree with them etc

  • – He shook hands with his brother before he boarded the bus
  • – I shook my boss’s hand to confirm my agreement with his proposal

Shake your head

move your head from side to side to say “no” or show disapproval

  • – The policeman shook his head to indicate that we couldn’t park in front of the parliament building.

Shake off

escape from

  • – “If we can shake off our parents we are going to go into that shop to buy a present for them!”


moved up and down vigorously

  • – James Bond asks for his cocktail to be shaken, not stirred

shake-up (n)

rearrangement of an organization

  • -The president has announced a government shake-up, 5 ministers have lost their jobs

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