Phrasal verbs with LET: let down, let off, let out, let up

English phrasal verbs: let up, let off, let down and let out


Let down

-do not do what you say you will do

  • He has let me down. He said he would take me in his car today and now he says he can’t

Let off

– give no punishment or very little punishment

He was punished without computer for two weeks. But his parents let him off when he got a 10 in his Maths exam.

The police stopped him for speeding but he was let off with a warning because he was taking his son to hospital with a broken arm.

Let out

– release

They let their dog out to run when all the people had left.

The children stayed after school because they didn’t finish their work, but after 10 minutes the teacher let them out.

Let up

– ease intensity

Finally the rain let up after two hours of a hard storm.

The mother shouted for15 minutes without letting up because her children had broken a window.

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