Phrasal verbs with CRY 1

Cry off, cry out for, cry down, cry out against

cry off

– to fail to fulfil a promise or agreement.

  • They tried to cry off after promising they would do the presentation.
  • Our rugby team was supposed to play a game in the cup, but 8 of our players were ill and we had to cry off.

cry out for

– to be in great need of something; demand something

  • The garden is crying out for rain.
  • The country is crying out for strong leadership to get out of the economic crisis.

cry down

– express a poor opinion of

  • In parliament the smaller parties cried down the government’s plan to cut jobs and raise taxes.

cry out against

– express one’s loud disapproval of something; protest

  • In many southern European countries people are marching in their capitals to cry out against austerity measures.


Cry is also used in a number  of well-known  English expressions such as crybaby, cry wolf and a far cry    There are more lessons with other verbs in the Phrasal Verb Index   it includes run and  think. If you want, you can  practise by doing these exercises


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