Expressions with LOVE 1: lovely, send love, make love


English idioms with love; send/give love, lovely

LOVE is arguably the most emotionally charged word in the English language and because of this it is found in a number of expressions, in songs, in poetry and in literature.


1 strong feeling of fondness, pleasure, desire and attraction to another person (be in love)

  • – The young couple at the other table were clearly in love

2 strong feeling of emotional attraction, fondness

  • – She loves her children more than anything else in the world

3 have a strong liking for something

  • – He loves playing the piano.
  • – I love watching my son play basketball

Make love (to)

have sexual intercourse with

  • – there was a beautiful sensual understanding between them as they made love for the first time.


1- beautiful, attractive to both heart and eye

  • – Cristina is a lovely woman

2 – infml. Very pleasant.

  • – This is a lovely meal
  • – Thank you for a lovely day Grandad, we really enjoyed it.

give/send one’s love

to send friendly greetings to (give best wishes)

  • – OK, I’m leaving now. Bye! Please give my love to your parents.


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