Act 3 meaning of act as, act up, act out, act of God

Meaning of: act as, act of God, act up and act out

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The English verb ACT is used in many situations with a number of meanings.

Here are a few examples:

act as

– fulfil the purpose of

  • – a trained dog can act as a guide to a blind person

act of God

– a natural event that cannot be prevented or controlled

  • – The earthquake was an act of God, fortunately very few people lost their homes

act up

– behave or perform badly

  • – When we were driving to London the car started to play up and we had to stop
  • – John’s children are well-behaved they never act up when they are with other people

act out

– express (thoughts, unconscious fears, etc) in actions and behaviour rather than words

  • – When Gisela gets irritated and starts shouting at her children she is usually acting out her worries about her job

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